Missoula has its fair share of animal stories.

Just this week, a family of Black Bears were spotted on the hill behind the Bonnie Raitt concert. And the urban deer are known for using the crosswalks.

Recently, a video circulated on social media that seemed to anthropomorphize another animal in Missoula. A duck was seen "surfing" in the Clark Fork.

Brennan's Wave in Missoula

Details in the background and the many comments on the video credited to flokiehn_on TikTok identify this spot as Brennan's Wave in Missoula, the man-made wave on the Clark Fork River created in memory of the kayaker who died in Chile.

Surf's Up, Lil' Dude

Fellow enthusiasts gave the duck plenty of room to ride the waves, and the duck bobbed over the water, almost like he was there for the same reason all the other humans were: for a little recreation.

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Is the Duck Okay?

A debate in the comments questioned whether or not the duck was okay. One commenter wrote, "the duckling is fighting for its life and you laugh..." which received 48 likes while responses pointed to videos showing other ducks doing the same thing. It may be that this is common practice yet still dangerous for ducks.

In one YouTube video filmed in Germany, several ducks are seen "surfing" but in the video description it says, "The ducks looked like they were enjoying themselves but one of them couldn't get free from the current, so Kona rescued the poor duck and let it go.”

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