The Missoula restaurant landscape has been changing a lot lately. We have had multiple restaurants either announce closings, or close their doors lately. Every restaurant has a different story or reason why they have or are going to close.

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There are a few restaurants that are closing their brick and mortar buildings but are going to continue to cook and cater in food trucks or in more temporary locations. Sa Wa Dee Thai restaurant, located at 221 West Broadway, announced they will be closing their restaurant and moving to a food truck. The award winning "Up N Smokin" BBQ announced they will be closing their Stevensville location.

Other cities have "Food Truck Courts" with a variety of food trucks in one location. Before we look at that, here are some go to places for lunch in Missoula.

Your Best Bet for Lunch in Missoula Montana

What can around $15 dollars get you for lunch in Missoula? Here are some suggestions from the locals who eat here:

Could Missoula Use a Food Truck Court?

With more food trucks succeeding around the Missoula area, and more brick and mortar restaurants closing, maybe it is time the city looks at creating a "Food Truck Court". Bozeman, Montana has one. I have visited multiple food truck courts in Portland, Oregon. Missoula has a few locations that may work for multiple food trucks.

  • The big parking lot off of the Orange Street Bridge, across the river from McCormick Park and the Mobash Skate Park.
  • Remove the old Taco Johns location on Broadway and use that area.
  • North Russell Street where JJ's Use Cars used to be located has some space.
  • The Missoula Fairgrounds.

Missoula Has Food Trucks Gather for Special Occasions

Occasionally Missoula gets chances to have some of our great food trucks in one place. Events like the Missoula Downtown Association's "Out To Lunch" and "Downtown Tonight", or our many brew fests give you the chance to partake in multiple food trucks. Maybe it's time Missoula looks at providing a space where there could multiple food trucks in one place.

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