Whether you're looking for some extra cash, or you're a baseball nerd like me, the perfect summer job is calling your name.

We're one week away from the Missoula Paddlehead's opening day, and I can't wait. This local baseball club is so much fun to watch especially because they win, like, a lot. Another reason it's so much fun to get out to the ballpark is because of the amazing themed nights and promotions. The staff that makes this all happen is absolutely incredible, and now you can join them.  The Missoula Paddleheads are staffing up, and you might have what it takes. Check out some of these opportunities.

Ticketing: First impressions mean everything, and if you love watching people smile when they get that perfect seat for the perfect day at the park, this might be your gig.

Food and Beverage: You can't have a ball game without a cold beverage and a hot dog. Taking care of hungry and thirsty fans could be exactly what you're looking for. They are currently looking to fill cashier, cook, waitstaff, bbq cook, concessions cook, and back-of-house positions.

Hospitality: Can you say VIP? With this gig, you'll be taking care of exclusive service for guests.

Fun Zone: Pretty self-explanatory, right? You'll be in charge of fun and making awesome memories for fans

Production Team: This one sounds so awesome. This is more media-oriented, and if you're good with all things technical like cameras, mics, sound boards, etc. this job is perfect and will look great on a resume for future job opportunities.

To apply for any of these positions, go to their application page HERE

Whatever job you apply for, Missoula baseball fans can't wait to see you at the ballpark. Go Paddleheads!

Missoula Lard Butt 1k

Missoula's Lard Butt 1k, 2022, a glorious day for doughnuts and costumes.