Here we are on the eve of another Montana Griz football season. Tomorrow is the first big game of the year, and Griz Nation is fired up. Griz fans all over the world are busting out their finest Griz gear and making sure their jerseys and starched and pressed. Chances are most of those fan jerseys feature the same number. The "Spirit of Montana" jersey number 37.

What is the story behind the #37 Griz jersey?

According to GOGRIZ.COM

Grizzly football jersey #37 began its legacy in 1983.

Griz fullback and Plentywood native Kraig Paulson began the tradition of passing #37 on to a younger player who hailed from the state of Montana.

Paulson was known for his hard-nosed play and workman mentality. So the tradition began.

Number 37 has come to represent the Spirit of Montana… hard work, dedication to the team, and tough play on the gridiron.

The 2023 recipient of the #37 tradition is Levi Janacaro of Missoula. Levi was recently featured on the ESPN+ Show FCS All-In. He explained how it felt being handed down the legacy number. The ESPN segment also includes commentary from former #37 and Super Bowl champion Tim Hauck.

Have you ever stopped to think of what the Spirit of Montana is about? We are a hearty group of humans. We survive long and brutally cold winters. We sweat and work through hot and dry summers. We are hardworking, strong and resilient. Some great qualities to have not only as a resident of Montana but also as a player for the mighty Montana Grizzly Football Team.


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