Do you ever wonder if you have what it takes to survive a zombie apocalypse? This is just the kind of stuff that I find myself thinking about for far too long. I wonder if I have the survival skills, the proper engineering skills or if am I even in shape enough to outrun a zombie. To be honest, I give myself 1 year max before I get eaten by a zombie.

The Montana Grizzly Football team was recently asked if they had what it takes to survive a zombie apocalypse. Clearly, they can outrun a zombie if they need to. Hear how long they think they could survive in their own words.

Griz WR Sam Alford says he will not only survive but will "be saving the population."

Griz QB Keali Ah Yat says "Zombie apocalypse? I ain't making it."

Griz WR Drew Deck gives himself a whopping "15 years."

Watch what other Griz players had to say about their chances of surviving a zombie apocalypse.

Montana is home to a truly epic prank that will go down in history. A prank that could have gotten out of hand, if it wasn't dealt with. A prank that made national news, for being the next War of the Worlds broadcast. I am talking about the time a hacker got into the Great Falls Montana Emergency Alert System. This hacker not only gained access to the EAS, but broadcast a message involving what sounded like the beginning of a REAL zombie apocalypse.

According to the USA Today article from February of 2013

The alert featured a scrolling warning for various Montana counties and a voice-over claimed there were "dead bodies rising from the grave and attacking the living" and urged people to use caution.

Obviously, messing with an EAS system is no laughing matter. The FBI and FCC immediately got involved and discovered the message came from overseas.

Thankfully the hoax didn't cause any mass hysteria in Great Falls. But, still will go down as one of the greatest pranks ever executed in Montana.

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