A Carousel for Missoula and Dragon Hallow are looking for artists to help raise money for the carousel. I have had the privilege of helping support both the Carousel and Dragon Hallow over the years. I helped construct Dragon Hallow when it was initially being built and just a few years ago I had the honor to help update the Dragon Hallow playground to make it more inclusive for everyone. Whenever I have friends or relatives that come to Missoula we try to take them to the Carousel for a ride and a walk down by the river.

A call for artists


This is your opportunity to be a part of keeping the Carousel going for generations to come. If you are an artist you are welcome. This is pretty incredible because they are looking for all artists. It is wide open, doesn't matter how old you are or what medium you work in. They are just looking for carousel inspired art work and to keep it within the size limits.

I do not consider myself an artist, but even I feel like this may even be something that I can do to help out the carousel. When it says "no skill required", well that is me right there. It can also be a chance for young artists to get inspired and have their artwork go to a good cause. So get a hold of the Carousel for Missoula and let your art work for a great cause. Don't forget when you have your friends or family visit from out of town the Carousel for Missoula and Dragon Hallow are fun places to check out and hopefully will be for years to come.


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