It seems like the food in Missoula keeps getting better and better, but this city still has a ways to go before it's considered one of the best places for cuisine. Bozeman has been called one of America's next great food cities, and with time I think Missoula could catch up, (I'll refrain from making a ketchup joke, you're welcome) in the meantime we've got great grub and lots of foodies to enjoy it, here are the 5 types you'll meet in Missoula:

Spicy Maniacs

Lucky for these people Missoula has more options for spicy food than we've ever had. Masala, Zoo Thai and Rice Fine Thai Cuisine to name a few. Spicy maniacs don't need anything fancy, however, they'll even try the one-chip challenge.

Meat Lovers

Steak is what Montana is all about, and some people even consider Missoula to be part of Montana. I joke. Though Missoula is stereotyped as the town for hippie vegans, we have some great steakhouses. If you're a foodie who loves burgers, I recommend Wally & Buck.

Hippie Vegans

The stereotype is partially true. I'll clarify that I use the term "hippie vegans" facetiously and lovingly. I couldn't go a single day without meat so I admire their willpower. Google tells me there are vegan options at Pie Hole, Plonk and you can tell just by looking at the place that everything Veera Donuts has is vegan.

Dessert Peeps

Dessert might be what Missoula does best when it comes to food. We've got Crumbl Cookies, Bernice's Bakery, Big Dipper Ice Cream— I could go on and on. Dessert peeps are never far from their next sweet, delicious chow.

Seasonal Eaters

What's their favorite food? It depends on the time of year. Right now it's everything pumpkin spice, then they'll switch to peppermint after Thanksgiving. In the spring they're eating leafy greens and when summer rolls around, it's fried chicken, watermelon and here's where you can find the best hot dogs in Missoula. Bon Appétit.

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